Our Aims


David Lewin is running the small Search & Unite office out of London, attempting to help the many who suspect that, despite the passage of so many years since World War II, someone may still exist somewhere "out there".

The statement above was first written in about 1997. In the early years all the searches were for people sought by people. As time went on, and the Generation of World War 2 died off, the character of the searches began to change and nowadays the bulk of the searches is conducted on behalf of "objects of value" seeking their former owners or their legal heirs.

Thus it has come about that most of the current searches are concerning

1. locating people who have a right to reclaim property which was taken away by the State during the Nazi era and in post-World War II Czechoslovakia and former homes which was declared to be to be State property. In the Czech Republic today such property can, in many cases, be reclaimed.

2. searches is for people who have a right to reclaim Nazi-era looted art which is today in Austrian Institutions and which can be identified so that its former owners are known. This has become possible as a result of the fact that on December 4, 1998, the Austrian parliament adopted a law on art restitution (Bundesgesetz über die Rückgabe von Kunstgegenständen) concerning art objects which had been stolen by the National Socialists and which today can be found in Austrian State museums and collections of art.

3. Seeking out people known to have a right to reclaim Dormant Funds and absentee owners of property both in Israel and elsewhere.

A further area of our activities is the research of some particular occurances during, or resulting from, the Holocaust - which today remain enigmas.

In their "Tales from the net" series the BBC has made a 2-minute film about one of our searches: the story of Betty. View it here.

Please cast your eyes over the list of names of the people still being sought. Do you recognize any of them? <click here >