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The Little Wood

Behind the main camp there were two more crematoria. Krems IV, and V. See 1943 photo of Krematorium IV.

They were considerably smaller than II, and III but were still of sufficient size to kill many people each day. The area was cordoned off with barbed wire. Branches of leaves were woven thickly into the wire to deaden noises and shield the crematoria and gas chambers from view. The first view is of the path leading to Krematorium V that began operations on April 4, 1943. It had a cremation capacity of 768 corpses in a 24-hour period. The ruins of the structure are at the end of the path. Scrolling around to the left you see the entirety of the Little Wood on the Krematorium V side. People were either brought here by truck or were forced to walk about a mile to what has become known as "The Little Wood"; for what they had been told was a disinfecting shower and then work. But this was simply another brutal joke. What the Nazis really meant by disinfection was cleansing the world of what they considered the “lower breeds of mankind".

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