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The Ash Pond

On the other side of the road dividing Krematoria IV, and V (see map), was Krematorium IV, with an identical cremation rate as K-V, 768 corpses in a 24-hour period. Both K-IV and V had been built above ground for financial reasons. Each gas chamber was divided into at first three, and later four, rooms with a total capacity of 2,000 victims. The holes for dropping the gas were in the walls. Between it and the Little Wood is a pond, one that was used to dump the ashes of the murdered victims. It sits there today, still, quiet, as is the whole of this part of Birkenau, eerily quiet now. In the distance is The Sauna and between it and the Pond, the ruins of Krematorium IV. Scrolling ‘round to the right you are able to see the Little Wood, where people just off the train were trucked prior to their gassing. For SS photo of the victims waiting in the wood see [link].