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Bunker 2,
The Little White House

Scroll slightly to the right and you will see the rear of the Sauna (new prisoner processing center) and then the foundation of the Little White House .

About June of 1942, the number and size of Jewish transports sent to Auschwitz increased necessitating the use of two farmhouses expropriated from Polish farmers from the village of Brzezinka as provisional gas chambers. Victims included those selected from new transports (Jewish men, women, and children) as well as Polish political prisoners selected by physicians in the camp hospital. It was used until the spring and summer of 1943, when the larger Krems II, III, IV, V were opened. However with the increase in Jews from Hungary pouring into the camp in the spring and summer of 1944, it was put back in operation. Scroll around to a large field where their bodies were buried or cremated in open pits.