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Darkness, Whispers, and A Silent Cry

An exploration into genocide by a group of sixth gradestudents.

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Emerging from the ruin. © 1994

Time for Lilleth Cave

And counting. © 1994
Artist: Matt Pesqueia


Artist: Jeremy Walsh
A moment in the life. © 1994
Poem: Moments


Escaping Death

Artist: Rebecca Anderson
A story of survival. © 1994
Poem: Escaping Death


Watching in Wonder

Artist: Gabe Crown
The Nazis are coming. © 1994

Dark Sky

Artist: Cameron Turner
The storm is coming. © 1992

Silent Whispers

Artist: Tawney Beaver
But still we whisper. © 1994


As I Think Free

Artist: Jason Campa
Father. © 1994
Poem: As I Think Free


Hope Always with aFriend

Artist: Peter Anderson
When you wish upon a star... © 1994
Poem: Hope Always with a Friend



Artist: Audra Houston
A prayer. © 1994
Poem: Sadness


A Family is taken to a ConcentrationCamp

Artist: Sean Williams
A view from the perpetrators. © 1991


Fly Away

Artist: Shawn Belknap
Escape. © 1993

A Silent Cry

Artist: Jason Conger
Listen. © 1994


Hands Up

Artist: Jessica O'Brien
What can I do. © 1993


A Family of Three

Artist: Michelle Smith
Taken away. © 1991

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       Moments                  Back	A shot rings out	across the camp.  Prisoners hang their heads,	for they know.They have seen the pain,  the death.  Why?The only sound  that remains  is that of a crying baby	and thenthere is silence.
Jeremy Walsh

                  Escaping Death     Back                      		I'm trapped in my cage	smaller than me	  Hope is gone	  it passed awayI want to go	faraway	  Trying to escapethis painful deathI look over. My familyWhere did they go?
Rebecca Anderson

  As I Think Free                     Back
To be free, would be greater than all.As I look out, from my cage,I can see no more, except for the one,Who rises above me. I want to know,What the golden star means. Yet the eldest, says no more.The man who yells, and curses, took my sister.She was dragged to the smokestacks. Now I know, it is my time, to go.
Jason Campa

Hope Always with a Friend           Back
Every time, A loved one dies, Another star, Roams the skies,Everyone, Needs a friend, All of us, Hold to the end, The end may be, So very soon, But hope is there, In the crescent moon,Wish on a star, and your wish will come true,Wish on a star, and it will help you, I look through, Through the bar, And then I wish, Upon a star.
Peter Anderson

      Sadness                        Back
Sadness in meSadness in my family Why does it haveto be this way? I lay on my bed trying to thinkahead of me Why, whyI'm the enemy
Audra Houston

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