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Pearls and Lace
Poems by Magdalena Klein

(Santa Barbara: Fithian Press, 1996).

MAGDALENA KLEIN (1920-1946), the youngest child of a middle-class Jewish family in northwestern Romania, was an eyewitness to the rise of fascism in Europe and the horrors of World War II. The poetic journal Magda kept during those years shows the stark contrast between her youthful love of life and the grim reality of the world around her.


PEARLS and LACE, a collection of poems selected from Magda's notebooks and translated from Hungarian by her niece, Susan Simpson Geroe, is a testament to the human spirit that transcends even the most horrific events of history.

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From Magdalena Klein, Susan Geroe (editor) Pearls and Lace.
Copyright © 1996 Fithian Press. Excerpts used by permission of editor.

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