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Marga COHN was born on 7 March 1936 at the Universitaets Frauenklinik in Berlin.

  Marga's birth registration is in her mother's maiden name ( Betty COHN ) even though we know that Betty had
married Bernhard GOLDBERG on 22 May 1914.

At the time of Marga's birth Betty was in her 45th year. Marga was given her mother's maiden name even though
Betty had been married to Bernhard GOLDBERG in 1914. This suggests that either the father of Marga was
a non-Jew or else that Betty merely claimed this in an attempt to save the child's life in the Nazi era.



Betty died of starvation (Kachexie) in Berlin on 23 May 1941. the death notified by her sister Selma SCHLAMM who herself was murdered
in Auschwitz on 29 Oct 1943.




At some point Marga was adopted by Adam (Adolf) and Clara (nee MEWES) LOEWINSKI who are buried in the Berlin Weissensee cemetery.

We have now learned that Clara and Adam LOEWINSKI adopted two other girls and that this family went to Israel in
March, 1949.
                    1. Hannah born 12 May 1939
                    2. Ilana      born about 1933

   marga_13_wa0005.jpg  marga_20.jpg marga_30.jpg  

Marga aged 13 in 1950
Marga aged 20, 1956
Marga aged 30 in 1966
    NOTE: THE SIGNATURE has the letter O before the E

This is a 1956 passport image. The Passport named Marga LEWINSY without that letter O


The three adopted LEWINSKY girls Marga (left) Hannah and Ilana

Marga survived the war at the Jewish hospital in Berlin and emigrated to Israel in 1949, aged 13.

Marga died in 2000. She never spoke of her past to anyone we know.
Search and Unite has now been asked by Marga's son to try and piece together facts of this family and
to assemble a family tree. One main aim is to establish whether Betty and Bernhard GOLDBERG had
any children between 1914 and 1931



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