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Education as Dialogue: Learning With the Web

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The Web, like education, is about dialogue. This new two-way medium of the Weboffers us many opportunities, if we use them correctly. Like democracy, it onlyworks if you participate.

The Cybrary is working because of people like Harold Gordon, Stuart Nichols, andJoey Korn. All three have given us a tremendous push by sharing content, ideas,and helping bring shape to this educational site. The Cybrary is an alwayscontinuing work in progress, sculpted by the thoughts, inspirations, and opinionsof our audience. My work with all three have taught me much, as well asproviding materials for you to view and give feedback on. In the coming months Iwill detail how these represent, to me, a strength of the Web; participation.

The Web is in need of new content, generated not from a single viewpoint but froma collection of opinions. This isn't to say the Cybrary will provide answers to yourquestions, or even solutions. This site is simply a point, among manyothers, for learning about the Holocaust. We are part of a growing Web,dedicated to never forgetting what happened, to "Never Again". Learning with theWeb means building a Web of sites, people, and information about a specificsubject. The dialogue we share comes from links, content, and learningmaterials. But most of all, it comes from you, the person interested enough toseek out more materials. Interested in creating your own educational materials,Web sites, or viewpoints. You are what make this Web, not the sites. It's your interest, the need to learn and remember, that is the driving force.

The Cybrary is online for dialogue. Checkout our site in October's Wired, in the NetSurf section for Web sites. And letus know where other projects are, so we can link to them.

Until later...peace.

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Online Education

More and more people are getting in touch with us abouteducational sites either on the Web or soon to come into existence. Please letus know so we can include them in our links and feature them in our montlyupdate. We are not involved with any of these, other than to recommend that youcheck them out:

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The Cybrary Needs you to Weave an Educational Web

Brainstorm with us about education on the Web, your idea for a Web page, orcontacting and working with a survivor who is willing to share an online presencewith students nationwide.

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